Guided MTB Adventures

Several hundred km’s of trails await to be explored in HK, ranging from beginner friendly cruises to ‘Seat of Your Pants’ purpose-built Black Diamond downhill routes with a whole host of material in between.

For us to recommend and ultimately take you or your group somewhere safe & suitable, let us know a little about yourself prior to booking sessions:

  • What type of riding do you enjoy the most?
  • How long you’ve been riding?
  • How much do you currently ride per month?
  • How’s your fitness in general?
  • What bike do you ride back home?
  • Your height & brake orientation (i.e. Left side Back) if renting a bike from us and anywhere you’ve loved riding that might be of interest to us!

In general most of the routes we put together are considered ‘All Mountain’ including IMBA designed super smooth flow trails to technical rocky rooty decades old village paths. Closed to traffic service roads conveniently link the network enabling speedy transits or beginner friendly excursions through the forest.

The bike included in the price of the session is one in the category
Appreciated Classics. You can find the details on our Bike Shed page. These are suitably equipped Hardtail and Full Suspension bikes.

We also offer further upgrades in the form of
Premium Bikes - The latest top end models for those looking to maximizing their riding experience.

Rates for Guided Ride :
(An Appreciated Classic bike is included)

  • First rider: HK$1150
  • Riders joining thereafter: HK$600 per rider
  • For A-B type rides +HK$250 per group for bike transport
  • For individuals & groups bringing their own bikes we charge HK$100 less per person.
  • For groups of 8+ riders or multi-day trips please contact us for custom rates
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Hi Steve. We all arrived home safely after our thoroughly enjoyable trip to HK, one of the highlights was certainly our time spent mtbing with you. My mates here can't believe that I actually mtb'ed in HK!
Mike, Australia
Steve. Thanks for taking me out Saturday avo it was very pleasant and I'd forgotten how much I missed cycling!
Steve, UK
Hi Steve Thanks for the lessons and a good day on the trails!
Naomi, Singapore
Hi guys. Already one month since the ride in HongKong. Time goes fast! It's was a great time to ride there, really nice place for mtb!
Frederic, France
Thanks again Steve. Everyone commented on the session and enjoyed it !
Andrew, HK