MTB Training

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Learning from your mistakes is one way to start but as with any sport involving high speed and balance, it's much better to be told where you’re about to go wrong in the first place.

Having an instructor to put you right drastically reduces the likelihood of bad habits & broken bones by far. We take training back to the absolute basics of bike riding starting with a proven framework of balance skills taught by experienced & qualified MTB instructors.

Not every trail in HK is geared up for beginners. So we make sure we take you to areas suitably challenging but not overly intimidating in terms of your personal skills development.

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Lessons using our bikes and equipment is also a great way to get a taste of Hong Kong’s fastest growing outdoors activity before you take the plunge and dish out thousands on a sport you’re not 100% sure you’re going to like (although 95% invariably get hooked early on!). We have both Full Suspension models and Hardtail bikes in a variety of sizes, plus body armor available for rent.

Not only do we offer sound advice on bike & equipment purchase, we can also show you how to set your new bike up correctly and look after it thereafter.
Hi Steve. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for taking us on a truly fantastic biking adventure - we totally loved it. We both learned so much in 3 hours and I couldn't believe I was riding down steps and jumping logs! We are both now determined to buy bikes and start riding on Lamma. Also, the scenery was stunning and you were a great and patient teacher. Plus it was brilliant fun!
Jakki, Lamma Island