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Hans Ray joining MTBHK on a ride through Hong Kong
Mountain Bike Hong Kong Antihero B.C riding with Steve and Nick

Hans Rey Trans HK

Mountain Bike champions Hans Rey and Martin Maes explore Hong Kong in a 5  day urban adventure during turbulent times. Not only to showcase this  amazing city with its 7000' high rise buildings, but also its beautiful nature and purpose built bike trails surrounding the city and islands. It’s a wonderful journey of contrasts; nature and harmony versus urban jungle and chaos, culture and history.

Antihero B.C - Ride Rate Review

Put Hong Kong on your destination list because not only does it have ridiculously fun & fast trails with enough gnar to keep you on the edge but also big time shopping. Bikes, components .... whatever ya want for cheap. We are in Hong Kong on this episode having a riot of a time out here while being hosted by our MTB trail guiding company who have a full package of guided rides in the mountains located in & around Hong Kong.

Mountain Bike Hong Kong rides with Raw Epics

Raw Epics

Nick Alexander and HM Lim wasted no time as soon as our GogoVan shuttle dropped us and our mountain bikes at the Route Twisk car park trailhead: on to the iconic Tai Mo Shan Country Park trails we go! *We visited under the invitation of HM Lim, a fellow Singaporean and purveyor of fine trails who is currently overseeing trail-building in the Hong Kong SAR. Our thanks goes out to HM as well as Nick Alexander from MBHK for their guidance during our riding there.

Mountain Bike Hong Kong rides with Raw Epics

Raw Epics

Lantau Island is synonymous with Hong Kong's international airport and Disneyland... and there's some pretty good mountain biking there too! Today we head out to Lantau's Chi Ma Wan, a classic coastal trail loop with a remarkable amount of black and double-black features - both uphill and downhill.

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